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We love beautifully crafted psychological dramas with smart elements of mystery on a foundation of faith set in middle America. Of course, such gems are rare. But they do exist. William Kent Krueger wrote the award-winning Ordinary Grace - his gorgeous meditation on life and death in 1960s Minnesota - and it was received with rave reviews and a well-earned spot on the New York Times bestseller list.

 We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of the rights to Ordinary Grace. Fuelbreak Road is the perfect place for its adaptation. It has moved millions of readers in numerous languages; we will do our very best to produce a worthy screen adaptation.

ordinary grace

Ultrarunner Scott Jurek has long been one of the best, most recognized and widely known endurance athletes on the planet. But when he attempted a speed record on the Appalachian Trail, there was more at stake than speed and endurance. Scott and his wife Jenny had gone through great pain as they tried to have children. On the trails, Scott and Jenny - who supported her husband - were forced to battle their agony and dig deep to find hope.

North, which they co-wrote, is the gorgeous reflection of this physical and emotional journey. We at Fuelbreak Road share the Jurek’s love of the wilderness, so we will do everything to maintain the spirit of freedom, joy and thoughtfulness as we adapt North for the screen.     


Tom Provost has written numerous terrific stories for the screen, including Under Suspicion and The Presence. In addition he mentors, edits, doctors and teaches.

Now, Tom has partnered with Zach Stratton to write The Instrument: the tale of Dane, a classic action hero with debilitating mental issues. The Instrument is a deeply felt, fast-paced psychological action thriller about a good guy losing his way, looking to find a path out of his mess.

We are excited to represent the story and its brilliant writers.


Tom Provost

Zach Stratton

During the 1920s Eddy Hamel steals the hearts of Dutch football lovers, first as a brilliant winger, then as a highly successful coach. Through the eyes of his friend Isaac we follow Eddy, the first Jew to play for the legendary Ajax squad, as he rises to soccer fame, then gets caught in the dragnet of the nazis, only to perish in Auschwitz. 

We are proud to work with the novelist Jim McGough on a screen adaptation of Belhamel, the powerful story about Eddy Hamel's big, inspiring, too-brief life.